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Unite Mixte de Physique (UMP)

Campus de Polytechnique 1, Avenue Augustin Fresnel

The laboratory "Unite Mixte de Physique" (UMP) created in January, 1995, is a laboratory common to the CNRS (public) and to the industrial company THALES (private) that awarded the Nobel Price in 2008 with A. Fert.
The subjects of research are managed by scientific departments of the CNRS and the technical management of THALES. The development of the research programs in the UMP is made by taking into account following generic objectives:
* To develop the technical innovation and the basic research in the domain of Spintronic and for superconductors with high critical temperature
* To allow the identification of research sectors having technological applications with average or long term.
* To strengthen the link between fundamental research and applied research by the development of collaborations with industrial and university partners.
* To optimize existing technological devices from the fundamental research