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Agenda Nanomat 2018-2019 current students

The agenda of Nanomat lectures and practicals is available here:

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Nanomat new term will start September 4th in Jussieu at 11 a.m, a presentation of the curriculum and practical details will be organized  room 2232-407 (enter tower 22, 4th flroor corridor 22-32).

Draft timetable is available for consultation here.

The general overview of Nanomat time table with compatibilties with french path SMNO will be soon available here


MATISSE Grant to join Nanomat prospective student

The LABEX MATISSE offers grants to join Nanomat master at the second master year to outstanding students from abroad.

Look here for more details.

French for foreigners courses are available at UPMC free of charge for master students. Please fill and return the following form 5 September at last to

Form to fill

Agenda New term 2016-2017 prospective student, current students

Nanomat new term will start 12th of september, a presentation of the curriculum and practical details will be organized on tuesday 6th of September 2016 room 2232-407 (enter tower 22, 4th flroor corridor 22-32).

Draft timetable is available for consultation here.

Look at the general overview of Nanomat time table with compatibilties in the different options here


Registration deadline June 30th prospective student, current students, admission

Deadline for application to Nanomat is set to June 30th

You have to proceed first with the pre-registration :

if you have already registered at UPMC click here

if you never registered at UPMC click here

if you are an ERASMUS/exchange student no on-line registration required

Select SMNO Sciences des Matériaux et nanobjet as M2 parcours (Nanomat is included)

Send the "acte de candidature" signed to

Erasmus mundus grants prospective student

Nationals from Syria, Colombia, El Salvador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Cuba are encouraged to apply for grants to join Nanomat master, DEADLINES in february, more details here.

A PhD stipend is open in connection to the research center QUSCOPE. The stipend will focus on numerical modelling of the linear and nonlinear optical response of simple electronic systems such as graphene and other two-dimensional materials. Efficient numerical routines for computation of response functions based on perturbation theory will be developed.

See details here

Master-theses 2015-2016 current students

Proposals for master theses 2015-2016 are posted here

Contact directly the supervisor if you are interested.

Grant for Indian nationals financial support

Deadline for submission of application : 7 June 2015

This scholarship is designed for one to two years of studies in France at the Master’s degree level.

Benefits Student visa fee waiver (approx. 16500 INR) Monthly stipend of 615€ for up to 10 months (= 1 academic year, you can reapply for a second year) Medical insurance coverage(around 300 euros/year) Affordable student housing guaranteed Laptop allowance of 700€ New benefit: Tuition fees of up to 6100€


Applicant must:

  • be an Indian national and reside in India.
  • be a student currently enrolled at an Indian Institution of higher learning or a young professional employed in a company for a maximum of 3 years at the time of application
  • be 30 years old maximum
  • the course must take place in France. If you have one semester or more of studies in another country, the scholarship will not be provided during that period.
  • An exception will be made for Charpak scholarship holders who are currently completing their M1 in France. They may reapply for a second year of funding in order to complete their M2. There is no automatic renewal of the scholarship at the M2 level. Acceptance will be subject to academic performance at the M1 level and a new statement of purpose.
  • Non-scholarship holders currently pursuing M1 in France are not eligible for the scholarship.

Mobility grant to Antwerp prospective student, current students

Nanomat proposes 2 grants of about 4000 euros to spend one semester (january 2015 - june 2015) in Antwerp University for students registered at UPMC.

Deadline : december 1rst 2014

Detail of the programme in Antwerp is here.

Application : send CV + transcript of records to

Timetable current students

The last updated timetable for the first semester Nanomat M2 can be downloaded here

On-line pre-registration at UPMC is open until july 11th

If you were not registered at UPMC before, see here

All details on Registration

Region Ile de France propose grants for master students to join Nanomat master programme at the first or the second master year. All nationalities are eligible but priorities are given to the geographical regions.

More information here.

Deadline February 28th 2014

ERASMUS MUNDUS programme at UPMC propose grants for Algerians, Tunisians, Moroccans and Egyptians

Informations here

Deadline for application 15 february 2014

Deadline for application to Nanomat M1 at UPMC is from may 26th to june 27th

Deadline for application to Nanomat M2 at UPMC is from may 26th to july 11th

Application requirements to M1 see here

Application requirements to M2 see here

On-line application will be available shortly here


Sara LaporteSara, Sadaf and Henri interviews, nanomat students from 2012-2013 academic year are online here


The new proposals for master thesis are on-line here , new proposals will be posted as soon as they will arrive. To propose a master thesis, contact :

Due to reneval of accrediation of the program, Nanomat will be slightly modified starting in September 2013. Major changes concern a new course called Devices and surface engineering that is introduced. See the new program here.

Nanomat lectures will start on september 16th, place and time will be precised beginning of september.

French courses prospective student

French test is organized on september 5th at UPMC, lectures start on spetember 16th.

Mandatory registration to

MATISSE grants prospective student

The Labex MATISSE sponsors grants to join Nanomat master at the second master year level. 

Deadline for application : 30th of june 2013

Application procedure is available here.

UPMC is inviting two professors for the season 2012-2013 from antwerp University and Rome 3 university to offer the student an exeptionnal lecture in superconductors theory and experiments.