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4 place Jussieu

The Institute of Nano-Sciences de Paris (INSP) is a joint research unit of CNRS and University Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris 6. Created on 1 January 2005, brings together teams from four laboratories of Physics Condensed Matter Jussieu campus.

Its scientific objectives lie at the heart of basic research in nanoscience, however with openings to various application areas: opto-electronics and telecommunications, earth sciences and environmental catalysis and medical diagnosis. The unifying theme is the identification and understanding of new properties that arise when physical phenomena are confined to objects smaller than their characteristic length. Particular attention is paid to the control and characterization of interfaces between these small objects and their environment.

INSP gathers broad powers, both in terms of means of production (aggregate growth, self-organization, molecular beam epitaxy, laser ablation, lithography ...) as means of characterization and studies (spectroscopy-microscopy high-resolution probes local source of fast ions and multicharged ions, simulation ...). Result of its rich cultural cĂ´toiement between researchers trained in atomic and molecular